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WAN Edge Infrastructure

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A WAN Edge Infrastructure is a type of networking technology that connects scattered IT systems. Connectivity is provided by a variety of hardware and software that function to deliver the network securely and consistently, irrespective of whether those resources are located in data centres, public clouds, or are offered as SaaS applications.

Go Beyond The Conventional Standards Of WAN Edge Infrastructure With Saffron

  • Our solutions reduce the amount of traffic that needs to be backhauled to centralised security appliances by enabling security assessment to run on the network
  • By offering connection and container-based application processing on each network node, our technology handles the management of on-premise appliances at scale in a novel way.
  • With our solution, businesses can easily build secure mesh networks over regular internet connections, connecting anything from the cloud to data centres
  • Saffron achieves the same dependability as MPLS over regular internet connections by using redundant architectures with controlled failovers


Why WAN Edge Is Highly Significant Today

The virtualization and a fading security barrier have altered the network’s architecture. Today, decisions regarding networks and security are made concurrently and are ideally resolved using a single solution. Simple routing has been replaced with functionality-rich networking that prioritises security, encapsulates complexities, and enables everything to operate as an automated management solution. The network has superseded the traditional data centre and evolved into the point of focus of all business operations. Due to this shift, networking solutions must now be chosen based on their capacity to address the specific demands of every user.