Dependable Solutions To Protect Your Web Applications From Any Malicious Attacks

  • Protects by analyzing, filtering and blocking any malicious traffic travelling to the web applications
  • An integrated solution ensuring complete protection with no security gaps between on-premises and web applications
  • A continuous risk-detection solution for real-time insights into your security system through automated security checks
  • A fully managed WAF solution controlled by experts who work as an extended part of your company to meet your needs

Key Features Of Our Web Application Firewall Solution

Beyond OWASP Top 10- We not only protect your web applications and servers from the OWASP Top 10 but also go way beyond. We identify and address various other threats, including API Abuse, Account Takeover, Malicious bots, Advanced Rate Limiting, App DDoS, and more.

Centralized Management- Centralized management is essential for web application architecture. To establish the same, we offer a WAF solution that integrates with a centralized platform in order for you to develop and implement a uniform security policy throughout your whole organization.  

Easy & Customized- Our solution requires minimum maintenance support. Moreover, our experts handle everything, saving you resources. Furthermore, our solution is easily customizable, enabling you to implement your own safety protocols and policies.