Evaluate Applications More Extensively Than Just One Test By Utilizing VAPT Solutions

  • Gives a detailed view of the threats against applications, enabling you to actively protect the systems from malicious attacks
  • A multi-layered security evaluation that finds and addresses flaws in applications and infrastructure using a combination of technologies
  • A post-assessment report documenting any vulnerabilities found during an ethical hacker's pen test
  • Our end-to-end VAPT solutions also ensure constant assistance on how to mitigate the discovered risks

Understand How Saffron VAPT Solution Help Your Business

Saffron has created an integrated on-demand solution for the security testing of applications. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) techniques are both combined in Saffron’s solution. This allows us to offer not only a  detailed list of the vulnerabilities discovered but also the extent of the risks presented by each vulnerability. We conduct dynamic and static code analysis to identify bugs or concerns that could result in a security lapse. Saffron strives to generate minimal false alarms, letting testers and developers focus on resolving issues rather than sorting through innocuous information. Furthermore, our solution is continually updated and improved, so users enjoy the most latest features with every use.