A Comprehensive Security Intelligence Solution Developed To Simplify Complex Security Operations

  • Uncover anomalous user activity that could signal compromised credentials or an insider attack
  • Manage regulatory risk to comply with a number of mandates, including GDPR, PCI, SOX, and others
  • Get precise, real-time risk identification to put together a variety of supposedly low-risk instances to discover the high-risk cyberattack in process
  • Piece together unusual events such as the use of personal email accounts, unauthorised cloud storage, unnecessary printing, and external drive installation

Understanding The Major Benefits Of A SIEM Solution

Real-Time Threat Detection- As your company progresses, SIEM solutions throughout your entire infrastructure help to boost protection capabilities by reducing the amount of time it takes to recognise and respond to potential attacks and weaknesses.

Monitoring & Managing- The visibility of the entire infrastructure is improved dramatically by SIEM solutions, which keep track of all online activity among all users, gadgets, and applications. These solutions identify risks irrespective of where digital resources are accessed.

Enhanced Productivity- SIEM can be a key factor in increasing organizational productivity because of the enhanced visibility of IT infrastructures. Employees may work together more actively in reacting to reported events and potential vulnerabilities when they have a uniform view of the system and data.