Leverage The Benefits Of Data-Centric Security Solutions And Protect Information Assets Anytime, Anywhere

  • Data in any state, including at rest, in transmission and in use, is protected by encryption
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and GDPR can be addressed through encryption
  • Centralizing access control to critical data aids in the fight against ransomware threats
  • Protection of data throughout all environments, including hybrid clouds and on-premises

Key Features Of Our Data Encryption And Protection Solution

Encrypt Static & Dynamic Data- We protect your data irrespective of its state. Data that is static or at rest is stored on servers, computers, laptops, etc. Dynamic data, often known as in-transit data, is transmitted over a network or the internet. Static data is encrypted by the file, the folder, or the complete drive, while dynamic data is encrypted by network encryption protocols. 

Policy Management Features- Encryption policies specify the method and time of data encryption. Therefore, with the policy management features of our data encryption solution, you can construct and enforce required encryption policies. Data security regulations can be implemented automatically to ensure adherence.

Key Management Features- The key management features of our data encryption solution include key creation, distribution, destruction, storage and backup. A strong and automated key manager is essential for fast and flawless encryption and decryption, which is required for the efficient functioning of the organization’s systems.