Brand Protection Through Proactive Analysis And Solutions That Detect Vulnerabilities

  • Under our brand protection solution, we examine and address the domains where brand security is often compromised
  • To identify potential brand attacks, we use machine learning and targeted scans to detect live threats and disable corrupted systems
  • Detects web-based typo-squatting, defacements, phishing, unauthorized mobile apps, and brand impersonation
  • Empowers you to protect your brand even from unprecedented attacks emerging from the dark corners of the web

Understand Why An Effective Brand Protection Solution Is Necessary

Attacks such as phishing and impersonation are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Since both customers and commercial clients have a high level of trust in the companies they engage with online, it is simple for attackers to impersonate and trick users into disclosing sensitive data. It might be difficult for consumers to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent domains since they are continuously being deluged with marketing emails and targeted advertisements. So, it becomes quite simple for attackers to get access to a protected site, obtain client and business information, or start an unauthorized money transfer.

These attacks can have grave ramifications, including damage to a company’s reputation, revenue loss, compliance penalties, legal expenditures, and repair expenditures. The difficulty of online brand protection arises from the threat occurring on several domains outside the usual organisational firewall. But organizations with Saffron brand protection solutions are enabled to constantly look for possible attacks and prevent them beforehand.