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Implementing SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) in a European retail company's IT infrastructure involves several key steps and considerations. Here's a Saffron‘s structured approach:

Assessment and Planning

Assessment and Planning

Assess the existing network infrastructure across all retail locations. Understand bandwidth usage, application performance requirements, and current network pain points.

Identify specific business goals and challenges that SD-WAN can address (e.g., improving application performance, reducing costs, enhancing security).

Conduct a detailed survey of key retail locations to understand geographical challenges, internet service availability, and local store Infrastructure.

Vendor and Solution Selection

Research and evaluate different SD-WAN vendors based on features, scalability, security capabilities, support services, and cost.

Design an SD-WAN architecture that suits the retail company’s needs, considering factors like centralized vs. distributed architecture, and redundancy.

Vendor and Solution Selection


Start with a pilot deployment in a few retail locations to test the SD-WAN solution in a real-world environment and gather feedback.

Develop a phased rollout plan considering factors such as criticality of locations, logistical challenges, and resource availability.

Configure SD-WAN devices, integrate with existing network infrastructure, and ensure interoperability with applications and services used in retail operations.

Monitoring and Optimization

Implement tools for monitoring network performance, application usage, and user experience across all retail locations.

Continuously optimize the SD-WAN deployment based on performance metrics, user feedback, and changing business requirements.

Monitoring and Optimization
Security Integration

Security Integration

Define and enforce consistent security policies across all SD-WAN devices and retail locations.

Implement advanced security features such as encryption, firewalling, and intrusion prevention to protect data and applications.

Training and Support

Provide training to IT teams and end-users on how to use the new SD-WAN solution effectively.

Develop a support strategy that includes troubleshooting guidelines, escalation procedures, and regular updates on the SD-WAN infrastructure.

Training and Support