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Email Security

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Due to its widespread use throughout a business, email is a top threat vector. More than 90% of the time, activities such as phishing and email scams are conducted over email, and these cybersecurity threats are always evolving. Fraudsters can simply pretend to be a sender or alter email content, including the sender's email address, attachments, Hyperlinks, and body text. Therefore, it is essential to set up a reliable email security system.

An Email Security Solution That Goes Beyond Email

  • Ensure email security against a wider array of email fraud, such as supplier billing and payment redirection fraud
  • Protect your company’s reputation against email fraud attempts by authenticating all of your senders without restricting genuine correspondence
  • Utilize our sophisticated content analysis in which email containing dangerous attachments or text is detected and blocked
  • Rewriting URLs safeguards your users across all networks and devices and aids in the detection of post-delivery message risk


Advantage Of Our Comprehensive Email Security Solution

Saffron’s email security solution provides powerful multi-layered protection against the entire array of email-borne attacks with the finest functionality that has been verified by reputable testing agencies. To defend against developing threats including phishing, malware, ransomware, and impersonation, we incorporate top-notch modern technologies. You get access to extensive, unified capabilities l to avoid, identify, and mitigate email-based risks. You can handle on-premises, cloud, and hybrid email use cases with the diverse deployment choices available. Additionally, you may better comprehend the threats you face and react to attacks more quickly with actionable insights.